This narrative traces the captivating journey of an individual, a tale of creativity unfolding like an explosion of colors, a thread weaving its path across borders, a nexus where space and time converge. It illuminates the evolution of the visionary artist John Perello, originating from the vibrant streets of New York, nestled between Harlem and Washington Heights on 156th street. Witnessing the emergence of graffiti tags on the city's bustling subway cars ignited his fervor, propelling him to embrace this burgeoning movement under the moniker Jon156. Graffiti, with its unrestrained liberty and expressive strokes, heralded a new epoch—a vivid eruption of color and a pioneering graphic revolution.

Within the labyrinthine tunnels of the New York subway system, Jon156 distinguished himself through his unrestrained creativity, defiance of norms, and passion for abstraction. In 1984, in collaboration with fellow graffiti artists Rac7 and Kyle, he founded the renowned street artist collective, 156 All Starz, which rapidly burgeoned into a global community. During a visit to New York in 1987, the French graffiti luminary Bando was captivated by Jon156's work, extending an invitation that would alter the course of his life; Paris beckoned, and he has since called it home.

JonOne's artistic pursuits transcend conventional boundaries, seamlessly intertwining with everyday life through collaborations with prominent brands. From adorning an Air France jumbo jet to crafting his interpretation of the iconic Guerlain perfume bottle and curating a capsule collection for Lacoste, his artistic imprint leaves an indelible mark on diverse mediums. In 2020, the esteemed Daum crystal studio enlisted his expertise to design exclusive crystalware, while in 2021, he revitalized select pieces from the Faïencerie de Gien, forging a symbiotic relationship between artistry and craftsmanship.

His dynamic and evolving practice, characterized by an unyielding desire to engage and astonish viewers through a kaleidoscope of mediums and expressions, pulsates with tangible energy. These multifaceted aspects are poised to take center stage at the 2023 JonOne retrospective exhibition at the Piscine de Roubaix—an homage to his artistic journey and the first of its kind for the visionary artist.